Addicted to Javascript Edition #5 Greetings to all A.T.J Members -Spotlight Article -What's New? -Coming Soon -Tips and Tricks -Useful Hints on the Net -A New Script (with tutorial) -Great Javascript Site ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spotlight Article This Weeks: Advertising resources, and who to trust Note: This Spotlight Article is for webmasters or future webmasters, but if you're not, it's still good to read. Also, this will be the longest Spotlight Article yert. There are a couple million websites in the internet. How in the world will anyone find yours? Advertising is the key. You may have heard about Altavista or Infoseek, but here's a search engine that'll DOUBLE your hits!, the most visited site on the Internet, with 67 Million hits a day, is the best search engine to be on. Most people would rather be on Yahoo, than be on 20 others. Here's the catch: The only take nice looking stuff, to keep there databse without all the trash, like Altavista. If they don't like it, they don't take it. Simple as that. There are about 1600 search engines. Submitting to them all will make your site boom. But it would take about a month to do that. Well I will list some resources that charge you to do that: Now, I'll list a smaller list of free resources: Why would I use the ones that charge instead of the free ones? Well, the ones that charge submit it to far more search engines. submits it to 34 search enignes. submits it to 1000 search engine for an extra 15 bucks. I think it's worth it for a buisness site, but not for a personal site. That takes care of search engine submissions, but that doesn't exactly make it that big of a site. Here's another way of advertising: Ad's with banners or text ad's. There are two ways of doing this: Adswaping, which is free, and Ad's charged by CPM Rates. Adswaping is a free way to advertise your site a kind of exchange. Ad's charged by CPM Rates are banners that every time you click on it the advertisers get charged a little bit. Again, why would you pay if you could get it for free? Well, Adswaping you have to put a banner in exchange, plus, usually you the two sites have around the same ammount of hits. If your site is really small I advise you go with Adswaping. But there's another way. Classified Ads. Classified ads are mainly for sites that need people to join them. Classified ads aren't as important as any of them. Ending tip: Use all of these three things and your site will boom. But it can still boom if your site is useful. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ What's New? New At HTML Undergound: HTML Underground is exepting ad exchange! Send an e-mail to ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Coming Soon A login for HTML Underground Mail Also: Tutorials on Javascript ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tips And Tricks 1.Changing the text in option box was allways annoying for me. I wanted to change the option box's text, but couldn't do it. I tired variables after the