Addicted to Javascript Edition #4 Greetings A.T.J Memebers In this weeks newsletter, you'll find: -Spotlight Article -What's New? -Coming Soon -Tips and tricks -Useful Hints on the Net -A New Script (with tutorial) -Great Javascript Site -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spoghtlight Article This Weeks: Web hosting at Geocities,is it good? I've had a Geocities site at Geocities before. Have you you? First of all I want to write down the good things about it: -It's free -They have a nice contact CGI script -They list you on their search engine Now, the bad things: -There's an annoying pop-up window -It's a long adress -Lot's of advertisements -Only 12 MB's of space There's the same amount of bad things than the good things. But(that fatal word....),the good things aren't as important as the bad things. For example, I'd like to have a short adress rather than be listed on their search engine. Or,I'd like 20 MB instead of a Contact CGI Script. So, basicly the point of this article is saying, Geocities is good, but if you took 20 more minutes, you could get a freeservers page. It has 20 MB of space, CGI-BIN,Short adress( So should you move to Freeservers? Not if you have a big site, but if your planning to get a new site, I'd recommend as the best Free Web-hosting service on the net. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's New? New At HTML Underground: Sign up for your own HTML Underground E-mail adress at: does "" sound good? So Sign Up! Also New at HTML Underground Tell a Freind! Tell your freind about HTML Underground At -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Coming Soon: Next week A book review of "Designing with Javascript" And........ HTML Underground will get a re-design! New interface by Amir Bechor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Tips And Tricks 1.A lot of people are extremely annoyed that to transfer data from window-to-window, you need cookies. Cookies take a lot of scripting and typing. But A.T.J solves that window-to-window-data problems. The key? this.window.creater Huh? "this.window.creater.forms.stuff.value" would go to the window creator's form named "form" in the input "stuff" 's value. Get it? Well, here's a further explenation "this.window.creater" is basicly the "window" command in the windows creator. "this.window" says "this window", ".creater" commands whatever is before it's creater. Happy? 2.I'd hate to have to do all these annoying BR's and P's(I've notice that we have some AOLERS, so I didn't add the < and >'s. But in HTML there's a tag that helps for that PRE /PRE No BR's or P's. How about that? 3.Here's a new way how to go to your windows history (only back -1): this.window.refferer (again this "this.window" stuff). we learned that this.window reffers to this window. The ".refferer" part is "the refferer". Here's a further explanation of "the refferer": In statistics sometimes you get the "Domain Refferers". Like if your on a search engine and they click the link, that would be the ".refferer" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Useful Hints On the Net 1.There's a search engine for lot's of newsletters. If you ever wanted to find some go to: 2.Do only want to print a paragraph of text? well here's all you need to do: Select the paragraph you want, then right click and select print 3.For Internet Explorer people: Don't waste your time typing the "www" and ".com/.org/.net/.to" just type what's in between and the browser will do it for you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A New Script This Weeks: How to Submit with enter Here's a way to make your form be submited with enter Here's the Script: SCRIPT function submit() { if(event.keyCode == 13) { document.someform.submit(); } } /SCRIPT And this for the body <FORM NAME="someform"> </FORM> </BODY>
Let's Deconstruct it: function submit() { if(event.keyCode == 13) { Makes a function named "submit" that tell's it to run something if enter is pressed document.someform.submit(); } } Tells it to submit "someform" Enjoy that for further use! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Great Javascript Site: This Week: Over 500 Scripts avaliable ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading this weeks edition of "Addicted to Javascript" From, Elan