Addicted to Javascript Edition #3 Greetings A.T.J Memebers

In this weeks newsletter, you'll find: -What's New? -Coming Soon -Spotlight Article -Tips and tricks -Useful Hints on the Net -A New Script (with tutorial) -Great Javascript Site

What's New?

New At HTML Underground:

First of all, I'd like to say I'm sorry it was late(I found out I accidentaly sent it to "" instead of sorry. Now ,back to the newsletter..... Added A.T.J Edition #2. Check it out here: Also new at HTML Underground: An Orginized Sumbmit-A-Scripter. Submit your Script today at: Go over and try it. New in Addicted to Javascript: What's this "Spotlight Tutorial"? Well, since a lot of newsletters have articles, I thought of a nice name and added it. It'll probably have news, opinions, and other things. E-mail for suggestions at
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Coming Soon Next newsletter, if anyone requests it, there will be ad exchange. If you submit now, you'll probably have a better chance. Also Either next newsletter or #5 we'll start having book reviews. Submit yours to and have it on the newsletter.

Spotlight Article This weeks: Microsoft:Are they really that bad?

Millions of people debate about Microsoft. Are they really that bad? Well I'll tell you this: I don't like the way Bill Gates goes around messing up small companie by using his mighty power. But, currently, I'm sitting using MSIE 4.0 typing up at MSN Hotmail( MSN for Microsoft). I use Windows 98 and WordPad is my favorite Word Processor.Also, my favorite game is by Microsoft. Is that wrong? Well, a lot of people would probably say that I was a hyppocrite. But some wouldn't, because you can think a person is smart or makes good products,but not like the actual person. Have you seen the movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley"? It shows that Bill Gates isn't the only one in the Computer Buisness who seems greedy. Bill Gates seemed like an angle compared to Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was affilated with Microsoft. For more info on Bill Gates, go here: So next time, when you say "I HATE MICRSOFT!!!!", think that next week you might be buying Windows 98's upgrade......................... E-mail your own "Spotlight Article" at

Tips And Tricks

1. Last week, I wrote a Trick that made a Yahoo! search engine. Let's say you wanted to search for "Hi", the URL is: Then, when I went to the main pages source, I saw that the the text box that you search from was named "p". Later, on my website, at, I accidentaly pressed enter, while there was text in the Inputs. The result was funny: In conclusion, you can manipulate text automaticlly from the Adress Bar. Hope you use this for something more useful........ 2.I wanted to make an adress bar for a project called "Browser Copyer". Mabye you don't an adress bar, but you might make something useful out of it. Let's start out with the Script: <SCRIPT> function goto() { var adress = "http://"+document.form.tbox.value;" + adress + ","THEPLACE",config="scrollbars=yes,norsize=yes,menubar=yes,width=800,height=700") } </SCRIPT> then inside the body tags: <FORM NAME="form"> http://<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="tbox"><INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="go!" onClick="goto()"> </FORM> Let's look at the Script: var adress = "http://"+document.form.tbox.value; That shows that the variable "Adress" that shows a full URL." + adress + ","THEPLACE",config="scrollbars=yes,norsize=yes,menubar=yes,width=800,height=700") Opens a window with the URL of "Adress" called "THEPLACE". That's that..... 3.Do you want a simple calculator, that you can just write in the problem, without having to choose either multiplacation or subtraction or whatever, well this tip is for you. Let's start out with the Script: <SCRIPT> function theform(form) { var answer = eval(form.input.value); alert(answer) } </SCRIPT> function theform(form) { This starts a function called "theform" var answer = eval(form.input.value); alert(answer) } This makes a variable called "answer" that evaluates whatever is in "form.input.value" That's that...........

Useful Hints on the Net

1.Want your own almost-domain (e.g, 20 MB,Free, for just a banner on each page. Just go to It's easy to sign up. Get your own site in 20 minutes. 2.If there's a long page with lots of text, and you want to find a certain word, do this: Go to "Edit" Then "Find on this page" and type in the word. 3. Like this page a lot? Hit Control-D to bookmark it. Next week we'll show you how to make a button that does that.

A New Script

This is a nice little script I made the works kind of like AOL Keywords. Let's start out with the Script: <SCRIPT> function keywording() { var kwa = document.form.keyword.value; if(kwa == 'javascripts'){"","jscripts",config="scrollbars=yes,height=600,width=700") } if(kwa == 'htmlgoodies') {"","html",config="scrollbars=yes,height=600 ,width=700,menubar=yes") } </SCRIPT> Lets deconstruct it: function keywording() { var kwa = document.form.keyword.value; if(kwa == 'javascripts'){ Start's a function called "Keywording()".Makes a variable called "kwa" (document.form.keyword.value)Then, it sayes "if 'kwa' has the value of 'javascripts' start this:""","html",config="scrollbars=yes,height=600 ,width=700,menubar=yes") Then it repeats itself but instead of "javascripts" it's "htmlgoodies" and goes to That's how you make it.....but beware, it's case sensitive.

Great Javascript Site:

This weeks:

That's it for this weeks edition of "Addicted to Javascript", Thank you for reading , Elan