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Greetings A.T.J Memebers(again)
Welcome to Addicted to Javascript #2. In this week's newsletter here's what you'll find: -What's new? -Coming soon -Tips and tricks -useful hints on the net -A new script (with tutorial) -great Javascript site
What's New? The "older" mebers that signed up to read the first newsletter, had recieved an e-mail tellnig them that Addicted to Javascript has a messageboard! (visit it here: ) I think you need a password. I set it to "jscriptstuff12"(without the quoetes). To post messages, you'll need to register and become an ezboard member, but it's very quick and easy. Why we picked Ezboard : -There's cool features, like I made the background a space theme -You can make your own signature -It's not like other message boards, it's much more orginized Every week, in the "Javascript Web sites" section, I post a hint for next week's "great javascript site". In the "Other" section I posted how to download MSIE 5.0 (see Useful hints on the net for other instructions) In the "Javascript" section I posted where to find one of my scripts (see "a new script"). Go there. It's fun. Also, a new treat for everyone: Addicted to Javascript has gotten a chat room! We have established a meeting every Wedensday at 8:00 P.M Eastern time. Where do I go? Well copy this to your adress bar: It's easy, just login and chat. Okay, one last thing...................... Every week Addicted to Javascript gets a new poll. To check them out go to:
Coming Soon Well, you might not have noticed, but every time there's something new, the adress to it is allways: What is this? Me and my brother started a page about a month ago. It's called: "The HTML Underground" You can check it out, but it's under construction currently. I store all my files there, and all my scripts there. Well, I'll inform you with a news flash when it's ready, but send me your scripts so I can post them there. There'll be a section with peoples scripts. Send them in!
Tips and Tricks 1.Want your own Yahoo! Search engine? Well, this is a Tip for you. Okat, let's start out with the Script: <SCRIPT> function search() { var kw = document.form.input.value; location.href = "" + kw + "" } </SCRIPT> And this between the <BODY> Tags: <FORM NAME="form"> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="input"><INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Search Yahoo" onClick="search()"> </FORM> That's it! 2.Do you want your own 404 Error Page? Well, read and learn........... Okay, start off by making an HTML document. Then go through your little nifty FTP program. Is there a .htaccess file? If not save your HTML Document as an .htaccess file. Then go to your web page URL and type /d;fsdjl;kfsjdlksdfjk.fsdlkdfjkl. It should appear as your .htaccess file. If not ,contact your server for more detailed info or for them to customize it for you. 3.Don't want bad words on your Message board? Try this............ Let's start out with the basic script: <SCRIPT> function fanswer() { var answer = document.form.tbox.value; if(answer == Badword) { alert("You're mean!!!!") return false; } } </SCRIPT> Edit document.form.tbox.value with the path for your guest book, and edit "Badword" with anything you want.
Useful Hints on the Net 1.Hey, want the people on your page to know when you update? Copy this HTML code <!-- Begin Mind It Box --> <form method="POST" action=""> <table border="0" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#DD0011"><tr><td align="center" colspan="2"> <font face="arial,helvetica" size="-1" color="#ffffff"><b>Receive email when this page changes</b></font></td> </tr><tr><td align="center" valign="bottom"> <input type="text" value="Enter email address" name="EMAIL" size="20"><BR> <font face="arial,helvetica" size="-2" color="#ffffff"><b> Powered by <a href=""><font color="#ffffff">NetMind</font></a> </b></font> </td> <td align="center"> <input type="image" src="" border="0" width="76" height="26"> <br> <font face="arial,helvetica" size="-2" color="#ffffff"><b>Click Here</b></font></td> </tr></table><input type=hidden value="url of response page here" name="REDIRECT"></form> <!-- End Mind It Box --> Change "url of response page here" with your URL. 2.Do you want to know who owns a certain domain? Well, if you want to find out who owns, you go here Get it? 3. To search altavista with better quality do this: if you want to search for "Javascript stuff" and inside a pages with "javascript stuff" you want to search for "HTML stuff" add this in the search text box: +"Javascript stuff" +"HTML stuff". This will give you all the pages about Javascript stuff,with HTML stuff in them on Altavista's database.
A New Script This weeks script: A basic HTML document Viewer Let's start out with the Script, and then deconstruct it: <SCRIPT> function whatisit() { var win ="","theplace",config="scrollbars=yes,height=700,width=900") </SCRIPT> Let's decounstruct it: function whatisit() { This starts a a function called "whatisit" var win ="","theplace",config="scrollbars=yes,height=700,width=900"); First makes a window 700px high, 900px width,called "theplace" called "win". win.document.write(document.form.textarea.value); This says that "document.form.textarea.value" will denote the HTML code for "win" } </SCRIPT> Ends function and Script. That's how you make a simple previewer............
Great Javascript Site: This weeks: Post Script, view Script, learn tutorials and more.
Thank you for reading this weeks version of "Addicted to Javascript". Please visit the HTML Underground at EJ and Elan, Founders