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About Addicted to Javascript Okay, one day me and my brother were sitting around, not doing much. Then I said, "How about we do something on the computer. 'Cuz I'm bored." So then my brother
said "How aboutmake something on the computer, something we know about,so we< don't have
learn something new. Maybe something about JavaScript."
He said,"Yeah, and how about a newsletter, on It'll be for people that want
JavaScript tips." So we got up and made a news letter. Before I know it, we have 15 members in 4 days.
Lets get to know each other. I'm Elan Bechor, the founder of A.T.J. My brother(E.J Bechor)
is the Co-writer. You can send in your own stuff to me
at or E.J at

Tips and tricks 1. Using " onClick without HTML tags: Okay Im assuming that in your scripts you use the "onClick" handler inside an tag. Well now A.T.J you'll learn how to aviod while making it do same thing! Here it is: document.mycoolform.mycoolbutton.onClick = mycoolfunction; it! simple! Notice there is no mycoolfunction2.Refresh Script: Me and my brother have been thinking for a long time about this. make refresh script?!HOW!! weve came up with great solution(feel free take it):
~or~ "That's it???" you say, Yes! That's it! 3.Do ever want a non-javascript button that goes somewhere? well this tip is for you: Okay,here's what a Javscript version would look like:
But this is the non-Javascript version:
That's it! [top]
Useful Hints on the Net 1.If you have NN hit the up and down key at the same time to refresh. 2.type: "view-source:" right next to the "http://" to get the source. 3.Hit shift while you reload to clear an item form your casche [top]
Tutorial of the Week Today:Image Flips The Script: Put this inside the body: Okay, I'm assuming that you know what a Image Flip is. But let's decode this: firstimage=new Image() firstimage.src="firstpic.gif" This tells to pre-oad the first image and where to get it. secondimage = new Image() secondimage.src = "secondpic.gif this tells to pre-load the second image and where to get it. function notonimage() { document.imageflip.src = firstimage.src ; return true; } This tells the browser a function: it put's firstpic.gif when the function "notonimage()" is run. function onimage() { document.imageflip.src = firstimage.src; return true; } This shows the function that displays secondpic.gif when the function "onimage()" is run. .....and that's how you make an image flip. [top]
Great Javascript site: The "Great Javascript site" of this week is............ [top]
That's it for this week's Addicted to JavaScript Thanx for reading, E.J and Elan